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Drift away from the rest of the world in your private sanctuary. The Epsom salt-rich water keeps you effortlessly buoyant as you indulge in a gentle moment of meditation.

Subscription and Packages

To extend your relaxation while saving money, take advantage of our floatation bath + massage packages and the numerous benefits of a monthly subscription.

What is a floatation bath?

A floatation bath is a sensory isolation capsule shaped like an egg, filled with water enriched with Epsom salt, allowing effortless floating. The water is also maintained at the same temperature as the body, for absolute comfort. Since each tank is in an individual room, you control your level of isolation. You can open or close the bath’s lid, and add music or light as you wish. Our floatation baths offer a timeless moment away from stimuli, the ideal environment to find peace.

Why float?

Floatation baths enthusiasts use it for all sorts of reasons! Sensory isolation and the sensation of weightlessness promote letting go and allow for introspection. One can take a break, meditate in their own way, or let creative ideas emerge. For others, floating relieves muscle and joint pain by giving the body a break or aiding in sports recovery. Floatation is also highly recommended for relieving discomforts related to pregnancy, in addition to experiencing a special moment with the baby. Floating regularly even stimulates your immune system by reducing stress hormones. Truly, all reasons are good for floating! Come discover yours.

How does a floatation bath session unfold?

A wellness advisor will guide you to your room and explain in detail each step of the session. You will be required to take a shower before and after the float. Upon leaving your session, you will have access to a vanity room where you can dry your hair and apply makeup, if needed.

What to bring?

Since you will be in a private room, a bathing suit is not mandatory. You can undress in complete privacy. However, you can bring a bathing suit and a swim cap if you prefer. We provide earplugs, petroleum jelly (to protect small cuts and scratches from Epsom salt), shampoo, soap, towels, and hair dryers.

We only ask you to bring your hair styling products, as well as your combs and hairbrushes.

Floatation Bath During Pregnancy

Throughout her pregnancy, a pregnant woman can enjoy the numerous benefits offered by floatation therapy, effortlessly floating in a solution saturated with Epsom salt, known for its relaxing and therapeutic properties. Floatation therapy therefore poses no contraindications for expectant mothers.

How is water quality ensured?

The water in our baths is purified through reverse osmosis. After each session, a water treatment process is initiated, providing the equivalent of three hours of filtration in a regular swimming pool. Filtration is carried out using one-micron filters, the finest available for this type of action.

In addition to filtration, we use hydrogen peroxide to purify the water. Hydrogen peroxide is a more environmentally friendly way to treat water than chlorine or bromine. To enhance the disinfection effect of hydrogen peroxide, the water also passes through an ultraviolet lamp system during filtration.

This water treatment process at Ovarium is evaluated by an independent laboratory, the attestation of which you can fin here (in french only): Évaluation du programme d’entretien appliqué pour les bains-flottants

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