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    Welcome to Spa Ovarium

    Relaxation center

    Rich with over a quarter century of experience, Spa Ovarium is still today the ideal place to relax and revitalize oneself. In the midst of a harmonious and calming decor, emphasizing fine materials, essential oils and the gentleness of flora, Ovarium’s staff will know how to share with you all the passion and experience of its founder.

    Making deep relaxation an Experience
    since 1982

    Ovarium spa is recognized in Montreal as the leading enterprise in Flotation-Baths and for its expertise in massage therapy. With more than 35 prosperous years of experience, Ovarium continues to innovate well-being by suggesting unique services that favor relaxation and urban life.


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    As a member of l'Association Québécoise des Spas since 2006, Spa Ovarium is proud to get the SPA d'excellence certification !
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    How long does a floatation bath, a massage therapy or a Pulsar session take?

    Floatation Bath session: Appointments are scheduled every 90 minutes. The session starts with a detailed description, particularly geared towards those experiencing the floatation bath for the first time, a compulsory shower, a full hour of floating and a rinsing shower after your session, all in your own private room. Massage therapy session: Massage therapy appointments are also scheduled every 90 minutes. That way, besides enjoying a full hour of massage, our therapists and clients have time to discuss expectations, and clients have plenty of time to get comfortable and ready. After the session, there is still plenty of time to gently come back to reality. Those who come in for a massage are also welcome to shower if they wish to do so. Pulsar session: 30 minutes.

    What is Epsom salt and what benefits does it have?

    Epsom salt is the common name of magnesium sulphate. When it is dissolved in clear water, it allows the body to float effortlessly. It is most renowned to help facilitate the blood circulation and enhance sleep. It is also used as a safe and natural laxative or purgative solution. Epsom salt can be purchased in regular drugstores.

    Where does the word Ovarium come from?

    “Ova” was the trademark of a floatation bath manufacturer in the 1980s. The word “Ovarium” contains the Latin ovum, meaning egg, which refers to the ovoid form of our floatation baths and quite symbolically, a return to our primary life source.

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    • I'm a week away from my weeding + the stress was making me ill. One Float Tank later - I’m so relaxed and at peace, I can even notice my writing has changed ! Thank you very much.
    • What a dream it is to be able to float without having to deal with the weight of my own body, and this belly of mine which grows bigger and bigger... This is a special way to pamper myself and to communicate intimately with that small being growing inside of me.
    • My psychologist recommended the floatation + massage when I told her I was visiting Montreal. She was correct - it was truly lovely, rejuvenating experience.
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