Massage Therapy

Relaxation or Therapeutic

Our massage therapists utilize their creativity and a variety of techniques to release your tension and provide you with a personalized massage tailored to your needs.

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Strong Pressure Massage

A blend of deep and sustained techniques to alleviate accumulated tension while providing a profound sense of relaxation, for those who enjoy a stronger pressure.

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Prenatal Massage

Our specialized massage therapists are well-versed in the various stages of pregnancy and are trained to provide soothing and safe massages, whether in a side-lying or semi-reclined position.


Child Massage

Share a massage experience with your child aged 8 and above in our duo room, or in separate rooms starting from 14 years old.

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Hot Stones Massage

Among its numerous benefits, it promotes blood circulation, reduces stress and fatigue, increases cellular metabolism…

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Kobido or Japanese Facial Massage

Kobido is a traditional Japanese facial massage without oil, stimulating and toning, while Japanese Facial Massage uses oil.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A gentle and slow technique that stimulates lymphatic circulation and accelerates the body’s natural healing process by eliminating toxins.


Massage During Pregnancy


During the period of pregnancy, expecting mothers can find valuable comfort at Ovarium Spa through our specially tailored treatments, such as massage and floatation therapy.
Prenatal massage, administered by our experienced therapists, is designed to alleviate physical tension, improve blood circulation, and promote overall well-being during this special time. In addition to relieving common muscle and joint pains during pregnancy, prenatal massage can help reduce stress and promote better sleep for the expectant mother.

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