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Our Origins

Bernard Meloche, president and founder of Spa Ovarium, prioritizes meditation and the adventure of consciousness in his life. Understanding that meditation is not easily accessible to everyone, he continues to search for modern means to access the benefits of deep relaxation. Convinced that true evolution begins with inner change, Bernard Meloche embarks on a quest that leads him from discoveries to revelations. Inspired by Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock” (1970), predicting that the upheavals at the core of our lives would become increasingly rapid, he immediately seeks to discover a way to assimilate this inevitable new pace of life rather than merely endure it. In 1982, he discovers the Floatation Tank, a new approach that quickly allows one to achieve a state of deep relaxation while providing a privileged space to explore one’s inner self. Convinced of its effectiveness and determined to share it, he builds the first center with two Floatation Tanks in Montreal, the “Centre de Relaxation Intégral” on St-Denis Street near Sherbrooke metro.

To better understand the inventor of the Floatation Tanks and renowned neurophysiologist John C. Lilly, Bernard Meloche travels to Esalen in California. Over the following years, he has the opportunity to meet him five times.

In September 1983, he opens a second center with two Floatation Tanks under the name Ovarium at 5370 Parc Avenue near St-Viateur Street. Eighteen years later, in March 2000, Ovarium moves into its own building at 400 Beaubien at the corner of Saint-Denis Street.

The Floatation Tank: An Essential Discovery

The Floatation Tank is at the heart of our enterprise, and its profound benefits have been revelatory for many. This treatment contributes to self-awareness development in a space of relaxation and well-being. Indeed, the sensation of weightlessness and isolation provides an unparalleled experience. For over 30 years, Ovarium has been committed to the Floatation Tank experience with the same fervor and conviction, believing that this relaxation and meditation treatment brings humans to a higher level of mental and physical well-being.

The Contribution of Massage Therapy, Light Relaxation, and NeuroSpa

Massage therapy naturally became another essential component of overall body relaxation. Since 1984, Ovarium Spa has been exploring various forms of massage therapy and their specific benefits, considering the diverse needs of clients.

Then, in 1990, Ovarium once again pioneered by offering light relaxation. Constantly seeking greater effectiveness, the PSiO was chosen as the preferred device for this treatment. It complements wonderfully with Floatation Tank and massage therapy treatments.

Finally, since May 2011, the NeuroSpa has superbly complemented the range of services offered. Once again, Ovarium is at the forefront by offering clients this revolutionary treatment. The NeuroSpa provides deep relaxation by calming the nervous system through audible and perceptible sound vibrations throughout the body.

With over 35 years of experience, Ovarium remains the preferred destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. Within a harmonious and soothing setting, featuring noble materials, natural essences, and the gentle touch of plants, the Ovarium team will share with you the entire experience and passion of its founder!

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Our Vision

Complete relaxation of the body and mind leads to lasting well-being and inner peace that enable navigating through modern life.

Our Mission

To sustainably improve the overall health and inner well-being of as many people as possible by leveraging the expertise of caring professionals and the best cutting-edge technologies.

Our Values

Balance – Generosity – Innovation – Open-mindedness – Professionalism – Quality of life

The Synergy of Treatments

Spa Ovarium offers unique wellness treatments that harmoniously blend with life’s ups and downs to achieve lasting balance.

The four services offered are carefully chosen to complement each other in a way that maximizes the effects of each. The benefits of a treatment are therefore multiplied when combined with one or more other services, providing deep relaxation and allowing everyone to experience both physical and mental benefits.

Ovarium is committed to maintaining and offering clients the experience of Floating Baths, massage therapy, PSiO (Pulsar), and NeuroSpa at the highest quality standards. The “Total” package, which includes all available treatments, ensures an optimal result for anyone seeking a moment of pure relaxation and access to a state of profound peace.

Ovarium a le souci de maintenir et d’offrir aux clients l’expérience du Bain-Flottant, de la massothérapie, du PSiO (pulsar) et du NeuroSpa aux plus hauts standards de qualité. Le forfait « la Totale”, qui réunit l’ensemble des soins offerts, permet d’offrir un résultat optimal à quiconque désire vivre un moment de pure détente et accéder à un état de paix profonde.


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