Question for PSIO Custom

I have had a session with this glasses at your SPA and was very impressed with the effect the combination on lights and sound has had on my mind. I’d love to purchase them.
My question is: The way they are displayed on your websites picture, it looks like they come only with Ear Buds. The ones I’ve tried at your SPA had very solid stereo headphones, which I’m sure makes a big difference in the quality of the sound. So I just wanted to clarify here, the stereo headphones are not included within the purchase of the glasses? And if not, do you sell them (headphones) separately?

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  1. Vincent Meloche

    Hi Alina,
    Actually the Psio comes with those small earbuds. We are waiting for a new headphone (big headset with super clear bass) specially design for Psio by the Psio manufacturer. For the moment, it’s not determined if they are going to be be sold separately or not. I can keep you posted by email if you want?
    Vincent Meloche
    Spa Ovarium
    Adj. Admin.