Question for Massage

For pregnancy massage, is there a special rate? And do your tables have a hole in them for the comfort of the mother to be, or just the pillows?

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  1. Vincent Meloche

    The Spa Ovarium massage therapists, specially trained in pregnant women massage therapy, adapt their massage to the specific needs of the future mother. Whatever the trimester of the pregnancy, you choose a comfortable position as you wish: on your side thanks to the lateral pillow or on your abdomen thanks to the ventral pillow.

    Our price for pregnant women is :
    Float Bath at $49 instead of $70
    Essential Package (bath + massage) at $ 122 instead of $134
    Revelation Package (Bath + Massage + pulsar) at $134 instead of $154
    The future parents rebate is open to the spouse who accompanies the mother.
    This special price is not offered on gift certificates online. Please specified that you are pregnant when you take your appointment.