WHY you should try to FLOAT ?!?

Here are 5 good reasons to try the float tank.


  1. Experiencing the sensation of weightlessness floating is in itself a sensation to experiment. Being weightless in a 35 degree celcius water in a perfect silence, or accompanied by a soft music, take the time to relax!


  1. We can all enjoy a break from the screens! Smart phones, computers, television, tablets … we are constantly surrounded by technologies. A float tank session is ideal to get away from the stress of everyday life and recharge your batteries.

  1. You will feel a deep physical relaxation In weightlessness, muscles, bones and joints are released from a great deal of pressure. After only a few minutes of a float, it is already possible to feel relaxed and relaxed muscle thanks to the combination of weightlessness and the benefits of epsom salt.

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  1. You will enjoy a better quality of sleep floating greatly enhances the quality of sleep. We estimated that one hour of float in one of our float tank is equivalent to about three hours of restful sleep!


  1. Space for visualization and meditation. Also called sensory isolation capsule or sensory deprivation tank, the « Bain-Flottant” offers an ideal space to meditate or exercise visualization. In fact, many top athletes love the float tank to mentally prepare for a physical challenge.


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