Experience and Session Information

NeuroSpa is a zero gravity reclined and contoured armchair that facilitates complete mental and physical synchronization. It is the first therapeutic tool to produce intra-corporeal music (i.e.: multi-frequency harmonic vibrations), synchronized with conventional music.

During a NeuroSpa session, the music will captivate your mind’s attention from the start while the multi-frequency harmonic vibrations directly communicate with your central nervous system by way of the spinal column.

Tensions caused by accumulated stress will gradually be released, reducing its adverse effects. The influence of this multi-frequency intra-corporeal music reaches muscles, organs, glands, and the brain, helping in relieving unwanted stress.

NeuroSpa restores the body to a state of complete mental and physical harmony in just 30 minutes. The relaxation felt after a single session is profound, and it is also an ideal complement to Massage Therapy, a Floatation-Bath session or to a Pulsar.