Recommandations and Contraindications

For the optimal comfort of your session:

  • We ask you arrive at least 10 minutes before your appointment time to avoid feeling rushed.
  • Before your session we suggest you avoid eating a heavy meal. drinking diuretic beverages or stimulants like coffee.
  • Please note that for your massage therapy session, you can be naked or wear underwear under a sheet or a towel.



  • You must wait 48 hours after any vaccination before you receive a massage.
  • Reason: symptoms of nausea, fever and stiffness can occur during that time period and massage is then contraindicated.


  • Massage can increase fever and worsen your state.

Extreme Inflammation:

  • Massage can increase your inflammation and make your condition worse. You must wait that the inflammation has diminished before you get massaged.
  •  Inflammation is the result of recent trauma (wound). The affected are will be red and hot and could be swollen as well.


  • Massage could dislodge a clot and cause more serious problems.
  • Phlebitis is due to the formation of clots in the venous network of the lower extremities.


massothérapie massage therapy

massothérapie massage therapy