Massage Techniques


With oil:


Through global toning and stimulation, this massage is designed to maximize the body’s movement capacity, while at the same time relaxing it. This massage is performed primarily on the muscles, through light to deep strokes, tapping and kneading. It not only relieves muscular tension, it also has a very positive effect on the nervous system and breathing.


The Californian massage allows the body to regain contact with all its aspects, as much physical as emotional and intellectual. This type of massage is characterised by fluid and enveloping movements of varying rhythms. It helps in the elimination of accumulated tensions and encourages a feeling of abandonment and deep relaxation.


The Lomi-atsu massage is a fusion between two traditional techniques: the Lomi-lomi from Hawaii and the Shiatsu from Japan. It harmonizes the flow of energy by the application of different pressures with the forearms, elbows, hands and thumbs on the meridians (energy pathways of the body). It contributes to revitalize the body and to loosen the muscles. It also facilitates detoxification by the massage of the abdomen*. This technique is both therapeutic and relaxing.

*Abdomen massage is offered in the 2-hour session or during the 1-hour session if needed after completion of the health assessment.

Sports Massage

Ideally suited to recovering from intense physical effort, this massage can be broken down into with various manipulations that help restore your body after an intense workout or physical exertion. It specifically targets active athletes who wish to improve their performance.

Prenatal Women’s Massage (with special cushions)

This technique is for pregnant women to help them gain a measure of control over the many changes taking place in their bodies and the various discomforts that sometimes arise during pregnancy. It provides a moment of tremendous relaxation and comfort, while offering the possibility of discovering prenatal contact with the baby, who is very sensitive and receptive to touch as early as the fourth month of pregnancy. Note that all our massage therapists are trained for this type of massage and are well aware of the contraindications with regards to the condition of pregnant women. Also note that any customer pregnant for less than 14 weeks (1st trimester) will have to sign a release of liability before receiving a massage at Ovarium in order to comply with the requirements of our professional liability insurer.


Without oil :


This technique brings together all of the available biomechanical knowledge of the human body. Through different manoeuvres, such as stretching and muscular and joint mobilization, this massage helps the body to recapture or maintain its maximum range of movement.

Myofascial release or fasciatherapy (without oil)

Psycho-corporal approach that deals with the whole body. The therapist locates fascial* restrictions and helps to release them using gentle, sustained pressure. During the session, the client is invited to focus on their bodily experience, which enhances physical awareness and presence to self. This technique decreases tension and aches. It helps improve posture and increases mobility. Myofascial release blends well with other massage techniques.

*Fasciae are connective tissues. They envelop, separate, bind and keep in place our bones, muscles and organs.


Following an exhaustive evaluation by the massage therapist, this technique treats the pathologies linked to the biomechanical system of the human body.


This is a manual therapy that is mainly practiced on both feet through pressure points. The objective of this technique is to regulate the energy flow, relieving pain and muscular tension, while instilling a state of deep relaxation.

Shiatsu on table or futon

An approach that works using both body and energy, which promotes the regulation and circulation of the energy flow while simultaneously attending to the musculature. This massage is performed using acupuncture pressure points, by pressing on them with the thumbs, elbows, knees and forearms, either over clothes (Shiatsu on futon) or directly on the skin (Shiatsu on table).

Thaï on futon

This energy massage involves pressure applied by your therapist on specific points on your body using the thumbs, elbows and forearms. It also includes physical work inspired by yoga and its dynamic techniques and variety of positions. This massage is performed over clothing and frees one’s body of energy blockages as well as muscular tensions.

Pregnant Women

The prenatal massage is a privileged moment that the future mother allows herself to regain contact with herself and her changing body. The Ovarium massage therapists, specially trained in this specialty, adapt their massage to the specific needs of the future mother. Whatever the trimester of the pregnancy, the client chooses a comfortable position as she wishes: on her side thanks to the lateral pillow or on her abdomen thanks to the ventral pillow. Additionally, at Spa Ovarium a pregnant woman is assured