LPG Treatments


Cellu M6: A tissue stimulation and cell therapy


The technique of cell stimulation, called endermology allows to treat a 100% natural transformations connective tissue for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes.

  • Endermologie treats various tissue targets with a very wide scope. It helps to reactivate the dormant cellular activity, through mechanical stimulation of the skin pleasantly, painless and non-aggressive
  • The treatment head equipped with rollers and valves gently grip the skin tissue and targeted to different areas of the body and the face on the principle of mechanical stimulation, which allows inter alia the activation of the production of collagen and elastin.
  • By its action of mechanical massage-roll, CelluM6 allows the activation of the blood and lymphatic circulation to over 300%, and optimally treat circulatory disorders, pain and muscle tension, while stimulating the connective tissue .
  • The CelluM6 drainage works on the whole body. It gently works the skin to release fat deposits and stimulate lipolysis. It helps destock stubborn fat to smooth cellulite, to reshape the silhouette and firm the skin.
  • The technique used by the CelluM6 is ideal for overcoming fat resistant to exercise and diets.
  • The CelluM6 helps decrease significantly the appearance of scars, while helping to loosen adhesions.