Water quality in our floatation bath


Did you know?

The floatation baths at Spa Ovarium contain 2000 cups of Epsom salt per 2000 cups of water.  The water used has been purified using a reverse osmosis process.

We welcome a maximum of nine clients per day in each of our six floatation baths.

Water treatment

After each floatation session, a water treatment procedure that is equivalent to a three hour standard swimming pool treatment is performed.  The water is filtered using single micron filters, the finest available for this type of treatment.

In addition to the filtration process, our water is purified using hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).  Peroxide is safer and more environmentally friendly than other treatment methods such as chlorine and brome which are often used in pools and spas.

Finally, to augment the purification effects of the peroxide, the water is treated with ultraviolet light during the filtration process.

Water analysis

Using electronic laboratory-grade equipment, our team regularly evaluates the percentage of peroxide in the water to ensure that bacteria cannot develop.

Spa Ovarium’s water treatment process has been evaluated by an independent laboratory.  Please click on the link below to read their attestation.


Our certification of Spa d’Excellence

As a guarantee of ultimate quality, the Spa d’Excellence certification is granted only to establishments that meet the highest standards of professionalism, quality of care, water quality and hygiene. In addition to being regularly subjected to mystery inspections, each certified spa is governed by rigorous quality standards, defined according to the highest standards of the industry. Thus, all Spa d’Excellence members adhere to a strict code of ethics, in addition to offering a range of care provided by professionals with proven and recognized skills.

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