Water Quality


The Ovarium Spa Floating Baths contain 2,000 cups of Epsom salt per 2,000 cups of reverse osmosis purified water.  We welcome a daily maximum of nine users for each of our six floating baths.  Between each session, a water treatment is started offering the equivalent of three hours of filtration in a large pool.  In addition to the performance of the filtering system and the pump, we proceed between each user to a spontaneous shock treatment, which instantly releases a chemical element named bromine. This intense dose eliminates all possible bacteria within the Float tank, to allow each user to float in an healthy environnement, clean and free of bacteria.  Then, thanks to electronic laboratory instruments, a team evaluates the potential of oxidation-reduction every night, which allows to measure the ideal oxygen level so that no bacteria can develop.

Our certification of Spa d’Excellence.  As a guarantee of ultimate quality, the Spa d’Excellence certification is granted only to establishments that meet the highest standards of professionalism, quality of care, water quality and hygiene. In addition to being regularly subjected to mystery inspections, each certified spa is governed by rigorous quality standards, defined according to the highest standards of the industry. Thus, all Spa d’Excellence members adhere to a strict code of ethics, in addition to offering a range of care provided by professionals with proven and recognized skills.


excellence spa certification