Mothers To Be

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Our services for the future mother: custom relaxation!

You will float in total freedom and with no effort in a solution saturated with Epsom salt (an important contributor of magnesium), maintained at the skin’s natural temperature. Throughout her pregnancy, a woman can take advantage of the many benefits that the Floatation Bath offers in total security. In fact, contrary to Thermal Spas, which are not recommended because of their wide temperature variations, the Floatation Baths have no contraindications for the future mom. Just the opposite in fact: it is highly recommended for its many adapted benefits for pregnant women.


Some Benefits of Magnesium

For the future mother:

  • An improvement of her quality of life during the pregnancy (reduction of cramps, constipation, and oedemas)
  • Favours bringing pregnancies to term by reducing the risks of a premature birth.
  • A reduction of negative stress
  • Preserves nerve and muscle balance
  • Magnesium is one of the principle components of mother’s milk.


For the newborn:

  • For the foetus, magnesium is essential to the formation of the skeleton and certain organs amongst which is the respiratory system.
  • Beneficial effects on weight, size and cranial circumference.
  • A reduction in restlessness and excitability (the newborn is calmer and sleeps longer periods at night.)


Benefits of the Floatation Bath for the Mother to be

During Pregnancy:

  • Ideal access to the benefits of magnesium through skin absorption
  • Weightlessness allowing one to feel free of their body’s weight.
  • A preparation to childbirth through visualization and autohypnosis.
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Relief of tensions and muscular pains
  • Improvement of cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation to prevent oedemas
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • A lasting state of wellness and calm
  • Prevention of the effects of the “Baby Blues” (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue) and of post-partum depression.


After Pregnancy:

  • Ideal access to the benefits of magnesium through skin absorption
  • A complete recovery: floating for 1 hour is equal to 3 hours of sleep!
  • A reduction of the effects of the “Baby-blues” (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue) and as a deterrent for post-partum depression
  • Relief of muscular tension and stiffness caused by childbirth and breastfeeding.

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