The Prenatal Massage


90-minute appointment (60-minute treatment)

The Spa Ovarium massage therapists, specially trained in this specialty, adapt their massage to the specific needs of the future mother. Whatever the trimester of the pregnancy, the client chooses a comfortable position as she wishes: on her side thanks to the lateral pillow or on her abdomen thanks to the ventral pillow. Additionally, Ovarium has put together a confidential and efficient computerized health assessment system. The health assessment is complete by the massage therapist via iPad technology to keep a personalized record of the future mother’s general state of health as well as her specific needs.

A Personalized Approach

The massage therapist who performs massage techniques for pregnant women demonstrates a sensitivity and thorough understanding of the needs, physical changes and nerve points characteristic of pregnant women. They are observant and focused, knowing how to quickly adapt to the instinctual and changing aspects of the future mother’s various needs.

At the start of the pregnancy, prenatal massage helps manage the different changes the body experiences from the growth of the foetus: nausea, intense fatigue, food cravings or aversions, dizziness, cramps, head aches and mood swings are the inevitable symptoms most pregnant women experience during their first trimester. A massage during this time of changes allows taming the different physical and emotional upheavals through the touch and alertness of the massage therapist, while also contributing to the relief of these various ills.

The Baby is Tuned-in to the Mother’s Wellbeing!

There exists an important correlation between the mother’s wellbeing and the baby’s wellbeing. In fact, the foetus is very sensitive to the physical and emotional wellbeing of the future mother as they both vibrate to the same rhythms.

Pregnancy can generate a lot of stress and fatigue, as well as physical and hormonal changes. Prenatal massage allows the pregnant woman to stimulate endorphin creation, which generates a deep state of wellbeing, thus offering a pleasant rhythm both serene and enjoyable for the baby.


The benefits of massage

During the pregnancy:

  • Relief of tensions and muscular pains
  • Strengthening of the muscles and of the articulations
  • An improvement in the quality of sleep
  • Relief of muscular cramps
  • Improvement in cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation
  • Relief of headaches and a reduction of nausea
  • A reduction of stress and anxiety
  • Maintaining a good posture
  • A lasting wellbeing for the future mother and the baby
  • A softening of the skin and the prevention of stretch marks


After the pregnancy:

  • The relief of tensions and of muscular pain caused by childbirth and breast feeding
  • A recovery following lack of sleep
  • A reduction of the various physical and psychological symptoms related to the post-partum period (stiffness, anxiety, fatigue, etc.)

* Discount offered on spa Ovarium location only

Discount for future parents

  • Our price for pregnant women:
    Float tank $51 instead of $72
    Essential Package (float tank + massage) at $ 135 instead of $147
    Revelation Package (float tank + massage + PSiO) at $147 instead of $167
    The future parents rebate is open to the spouse who accompanies the mother.

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