The Floatation Bath in pregnancy

Floatation Baths During Pregnancy

 One Hour Floatation Session

Throughout their pregnancy, expectant mothers can enjoy the many benefits of a floatation bath. The Epsom salt-infused water which is known for its relaxing and therapeutic properties, allows for free and effortless floating. The hypoallergenic salt is very gentle on skin and hair and is very rich in magnesium.  The temperature of the saline water in the floatation bath is maintained at 35 degrees Celsius which is the temperature of skin.  As such, it is not contraindicated during pregnancy as is the case with thermal baths where the contrast in temperature is too great.

Key Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential element and is required by all of the body’s cells in order to function.  However, 80% of North Americans, mostly women, have been found to be deficient.  The daily recommendation of magnesium intake is 350mg and during pregnancy, the daily requirement doubles as it’s essential to all aspects of pregnancy maintenance and overall health.  Unfortunately, meeting the daily intake requirement of this trace-element is becoming increasingly difficult due to the decreased quality of agricultural soils as well as to the vast consumption of modified foods.  Consequently, many pregnant women suffer from magnesium deficiency resulting in a variety of health problems.  Although unproven as of yet by science, many experts, including Dr. Zach Bush, claim that floatation baths are one of the best ways to obtain magnesium.

 Visualization and Meditation

The floatation bath can be an important ally in the preparation for childbirth.  Essentially, it provides an optimal environment for visualization and autohypnosis; tools that many women draw-upon in preparing the mind and body for this major life event.  The sensory deprivation environment in the bath allows the expectant mother time alone for self-reflection and preparation for their impending new role.

Since the mother floats in the bath as the baby floats in her womb, it allows her to share the world of her developing baby for an hour’s time.  It is a time of connection.  Some have gone so far as saying that a floatation session while pregnant brings them back to their very own beginnings in the womb. The floatation bath experience induces a state similar to meditation and the sensation of being “one”.


Benefits of Floatation Baths During Pregnancy

  • Provides a weightless environment and relief from heaviness
  • Assists in preparation for childbirth through visualization and autohypnosis
  • Relieves tension and muscular aches
  • Improves both blood and lymphatic circulation and reduces edema
  • Helps improve sleep quality
  • Promotes a sense of profound well-being
  • Helps prevent baby-blues (anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue) as well as postpartum depression
  • Fortifies the immune system and promotes homeostasis (the body’s internal regulation system which strives to maintain an optimal state of equilibrium)


Benefits of Floatation Baths After Pregnancy

  • Relieves muscular tension and stiffness caused by childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Compensates for sleep deprivation by providing periods of respite during the first few months postpartum
  • Helps prevent baby-blues (anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue) as well as postpartum depression

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