The Floatation Bath in pregnancy

Bain Femme enceinte low rez

Duration of the appointment: 90 minutes (60 minute treatment)

During her pregnancy, a pregnant woman can take advantage of the many benefits the Flotation Bath provides, floating freely with no effort in a solution saturated with Epsom salts, known for its relaxing and therapeutic effects. “Epsom salts” is hypoallergenic salt, very mild on the skin and hair, which contains a considerable amount of magnesium. Also, this saline solution is kept at a tightly controlled temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, the temperature of our skin. From all angles, there are no contraindications for the future mom, contrary to Thermal Spas, which are not recommended due to their highly variable temperature.

Some Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential mineral for the proper working of all the body’s cells. And yet 80% of North Americans suffer from a magnesium deficiency including almost all women, who should consume at least 350 mg of it daily. In addition, pregnancy doubles the normal requirement of magnesium, and this is essential to the healthy progression of the pregnancy. However due to the soil depletion of farmland by over-framing and of food processing, it has become increasingly difficult to get sufficient doses of this micronutrient from natural sources. Some pregnant women will suffer from this deficiency, which may cause various issues. The Floatation Bath is one of the few places where a large concentration of essential magnesium can be found. It is then a perfect opportunity to “gas up”!

For the future mom, magnesium allows an improvement of quality of life during the pregnancy (reduction of cramps, constipation and oedemas). It promotes bringing pregnancies to term by reducing the risk of a premature birth while fostering reduction of negative stress as well as nerve and muscular balance. One should also know that this mineral is one of the principal nutrients involved in the composition of mother’s milk. Overall, the new mother sees her need for magnesium increase and must increase its intake. One more plus: this mineral is one of the important contributors to the nervous system’s stability and balance and it allows attenuation and even relief of symptoms related to the “Baby-Blues” during and after pregnancy (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue), as well as of post-partum depression.

Visualisation and Meditation

The Floatation Bath treatment is also an essential ally in the preparation towards childbirth. Through visualisation and autohypnosis, some women will adopt this tool to prepare their body and spirit for this great step in their lives thanks to the ideal and appropriate environment that is the Floatation Bath. The Floatation Bath, also termed a sensory isolation capsule, allows a woman to be alone with herself and prepare herself for this new upcoming role. This unique experience also allows the future mother to experience for an hour what her baby is experiencing inside of her. It’s an opportunity for a head to head with this little being growing within her. Some will say that the Floatation Bath is like a homecoming: as if they find themselves again in their own mother’s womb. The Floatation Bath experience thus opens a door to the sensation that meditation offers and brings one towards a real loss of all notions of space and time.


Some Benefits of Magnesium

For the future mother:

  • An improvement of her quality of life during the pregnancy (reduction of cramps, constipation, and oedemas)
  • Favours bringing pregnancies to term by reducing the risks of a premature birth.
  • A reduction of negative stress
  • Preserves nerve and muscle balance
  • Magnesium is one of the principle components of mother’s milk.

For the newborn:

  • For the foetus, magnesium is essential to the formation of the skeleton and certain organs amongst which is the respiratory system.
  • Beneficial effects on weight, size and cranial circumference.
  • A reduction in restlessness and excitability (the newborn is calmer and sleeps longer periods at night.)

Benefits of the Floatation Bath


During Pregnancy:

  • Ideal access to the benefits of magnesium through skin absorption
  • Weightlessness allowing one to feel free of their body’s weight.
  • A preparation to childbirth through visualization and autohypnosis.
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Relief of tensions and muscular pains
  • Improvement of cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation to prevent oedemas
  • Improvement of sleep quality
  • A lasting state of wellness and calm
  • Prevention of the effects of the “Baby Blues” (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue) and of post-partum depression.

After Pregnancy:

  • Ideal access to the benefits of magnesium through skin absorption
  • A complete recovery: floating for 1 hour is equal to 3 hours of sleep!
  • A reduction of the effects of the “Baby-blues” (anxiety, light sleep, fatigue) et as a deterrent for post-partum depression
  • Relief of muscular tension and stiffness caused by childbirth and breastfeeding.