Our services for the future mother: custom relaxation!

The float tank and the Prenatal Massage, specially chosen for their uniqueness and their efficiency, are perfectly complementary to alternative medicines and relaxation techniques used during pregnancy and childbirth: naturopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis, and other methods of non-pharmacological pain control. Float tank and Massage Therapy allows the future mother to fully experience her pregnancy and to prepare for childbirth via visualization and deep relaxation.


* Discount offered on spa Ovarium location only

Discount for future parents

  • Our price for pregnant women:
    Float tank $51 instead of $72
    Essential Package (float tank + massage) at $ 135 instead of $147
    Revelation Package (float tank + massage + PSiO) at $147 instead of $167
    The future parents rebate is open to the spouse who accompanies the mother.