Our services for the future mother: custom relaxation!


For the future mother: personalized relaxation treatments!

Selected for their uniqueness as well as for their effectiveness, the floatation bath and prenatal massage complement alternative medicine treatments and relaxation techniques used during pregnancy and childbirth (naturopathy, acupuncture, hypnosis and other non-pharmacological pain management).

Prenatal Massage

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Floatation Baths During Pregnancy

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Future parents discount *

  • The first float tank session for each first pregnancy is $ 50 instead of $ 72
  • The first PSiO Prenatal Relaxation session (55 minutes session) for each first pregnancy is $ 30 instead of $ 45
  • While mom is doing the PSiO Prenatal Relaxation session, if the spouse does not want to do the same session, he or she can take advantage of one hour of NeuroSpa for $ 50 instead of $ 68. Valid at the first session of each pregnancy.
*at Spa Ovarium only, not offered on the website and in gift certificates.