Business – Corporate Health and Wellness Program


Spa Ovarium: ideal for the health of your business!

 A worker spends on average 8 hours a day at their workplace. It is therefore important that they be comfortable and in good physical and mental health. As much as it is for their own wellbeing, it is closely linked to that of the company’s where they spend more than 1200 hours a year!

In this context, Spa Ovarium has decided to offer its expertise in matters of wellness by developing a keys in hand program for businesses to promote health and wellness in the workplace. For this purpose Ovarium distributes NeuroSpa, NeuroSpa Cushion and PSiO.

Our Corporate Health and Wellness Program

 Why offer a relaxing Spa Ovarium experience to your employees?

  • As a preventative tool for mental issues (burn-out and burn-in) and to avoid occupational physical injuries (bursitis, capsulitis, tendinitis, etc.)
  • To thank them for their commitment and dedication
  • As a well deserved break after a busy period at work and when deadlines are tight
  • To simply to show them that you have their health and wellness at heart!

The Goals of our Corporate Health and Wellness Program

  • To increase your team’s efficiency
  • To stimulate your employees’ creativity and the generation of innovative ideas
  • To improve the feeling of belonging and team synergy
  • To favour your team’s ability to adapt to change
  • To maintain a healthy and stress free work environment
  • To offer your employees a well deserved rest as an acknowledgement of their work, their loyalty and their commitment.
  • To contribute to the success of your projects or events through our unique relaxation services.

Our Service Offerings : 4 Sections

1- Rental of NeuroSpa Cushions

Ovarium offers a rental service to enterprise customers for two of its practical treatments, efficient and adaptable for various work environments.

The NeuroSpa Cushion

The NeuroSpa Cushion can be easily installed on all types of chairs. It offers various programs designed as much for relaxation as for re-energizing, some in a few minutes.

While life’s demands are often overwhelming and only allow for some rare moments of relaxation, the NeuroSpa Cushion was conceived to facilitate access to a state of wellness in the comfort of your home, the office or on the road. Day after day, the NeuroSpa Cushion generates a state of deep relaxation that eliminates the negative effects of accumulated stress.

Rental of the NeuroSpa Cushion:

To experience the unique relaxation experience that NeuroSpa technology can bring into your life, it is possible to rent the NeuroSpa Cushion.

2- Sale of Portable Treatments

Spa Ovarium is responsible for corporate sales for the NeuroSpa Cushion and PSiO treatments.

Two ways to get our portable treatments:

  •  Normal Procedure: a single payment by debit or credit card
  • Multiple payments based on a contract of sale with Spa Ovarium

3- Corporate Partnership

Our corporate partnerships offer the following advantages to your employees:

From Mondays to Thursdays from 9 AM to 10:30 PM

  • discount on Massage Therapy and discount on Float Tank, NeuroSpa and PSiO sessions

A corporate partnership with Spa Ovarium will allow your team to take advantage of the many benefits provided by deep relaxation for a noticeable improvement in efficiency in your workplace. And further, your employees will be received and managed by our welcoming and professional team!


  4– Corporate Gifts

Spa Ovarium is proud to offer great discounts to business with whom they are partnered (offer only available after evaluation of the request).



The 4 treatments of the Ovarium: in perfect synergy!

The 4 treatments offered by Spa Ovarium have been carefully chosen for their efficiency, their uniqueness and their complementary nature. By combining two, three and even four treatments, the effects of each of them are optimized and their benefits increase tenfold! The synergy of our services, on top of their lasting benefits, contribute to an individual’s development of consciousness and innovation.

The Therapeutic Floatation Tank

Duration of the appointment: 90 minutes (60 minutes of treatment)

You float effortlessly thanks to a solution saturated with 2000 cups of Epsom salt, which is known for its therapeutic and soothing virtues. The saline solution of the Floatation Bath, whose temperature is controlled, contains an important amount of magnesium ions, which are essential for the proper functioning of our nervous system and our body.


  • Favours the development of innovation
  • Favours creativity, concentration and memorization
  • Favours a better control of emotions and dependencies
  • Favours a better management and tolerance to stress as well as a reduction of negative stress
  • Favours the regulation of sleep: one hour of floating is equal to three hours of sleep!
  • Relieves tensions and muscular pain
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Reduces the effect of Jet Lag
  • Allows reaching a state of deep and durable wellbeing


Massage Therapy

Duration of the appointment: 90 minutes (60 minutes of treatment)

Ovarium is the only Spa to offer 14 different massage techniques at one unique price! Each of our massage therapists have been especially chosen because of their experience, their training as well as the artistic color unique to their practice. Also, Ovarium has perfected a confidential and efficient computerized health assessment system: using iPad technology, your massage therapist will complete your health assessment to insure a personalized follow up of your general state of health as well as your specific needs.


  • Relief of back pain and other muscular pains
  • Improvement of cardiovascular and lymphatic circulation
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Increase of body consciousness
  • Provides a deep and durable state of wellness
  • Improves the quality of sleep


The PSiO (pulsar)

Duration of the appointment: 45 minutes (30 minutes of treatment)

The PSiO is a device that consists of a miniature control unit, a pair of LED equipped glasses and stereo headphones. The combination of sound and light that the PSiO generates induces frequencies that lead to a state of deep wellbeing. As the light and sound stimulation influences the level of endorphins secreted, you can fully benefit from the known analgesic and euphoric effects of dopamine and serotonin.


  • Favours the development of innovation
  • Favours creativity, concentration and memory
  • Lowers negative stress and calms the nervous system
  • Relieves insomnia
  • Relieves migraines
  • Reduces hyperactivity


The NeuroSpa 

Duration of the appointment: 45 minutes (30 minutes of treatment)

The NeuroSpa is a zero gravity armchair offering absolute comfort and generating audible and perceptible vibrations. In harmony with soft music, this cascade of soothing and calming vibrations instigates complete mental and physical synchronization. Because they communicate directly with the nervous system, internal organs and muscles, these intra-corporeal multi-frequencies neutralize stress and anxiety while providing a lasting state of wellbeing as well as muscular relaxation.


  • Favours the development of innovation
  • Favours concentration, creativity and memory
  • Neutralises stress and anxiety
  • Relaxes the muscles deeply and loosens muscle tensions
  • Provides a deep and durable state of wellbeing
  • Reduces negative stress and calms the nervous system
  • Instigates a clarity of mind


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