Tips to relax in your daily lives

5 tips to help you relax easily and inexpensively

Here are some easy techniques to reproduce the same relaxing effects on a daily basis as Float Tank, Massages, Psio and NeuroSpa of Montreal’s Spa Ovarium. Relax at home with these simple and effective tricks.
Top 5 of our favorite methods easily applicable in your daily life:
Lie down on the floor or on your bed and roll along your back two tennis balls that you have previously packed in a socks. You will get the equivalent of a deep tissue massage. Let the balls relax your muscles by sliding along your spine.

You may doubt it about that one! Try to walk in a different place from the places you are used to. Discover new streets, go to the discovery of the bak alley lanes (especially the famous green lanes, if you have the chance to cross one) of your city district, starting with that of your own street if you have never visited it. You will surely have surprises and will discover an unexpected world. Bring your camera and make pictures of your small journeys. Empty and relax by exploring and discovering!
Sit in front of your mirror and smile. Then make grimaces. You will see, your tensions and your stress will relax as if by magic. Effective to relax your jaw stretched by all this accumulated stress.
Do like when you were young, find the happiness and candor of the simple things you did when you had little or no responsibility. For example: apply with your crayons in a coloring book, have fun with modeling clay, practice the rope to dance.
What better than to take the time to cook good food on Sunday in anticipation of the week to come. Prepare lunches and some dinner in advance for some home-cooked meals that are easy to warm up after a big day’s work. A nice day of cooking on Sunday afternoon is accompanied by a sweet relaxing music like classical Baroque music.