Therapeutic treatment

Therapeutic treatment with CelluM6.

One of the main objectives of therapeutic treatment is to find a good overall body health, both at the cellular, tissue, muscle, adipose and circulation. You will feel an improvement after just one treatment!

  • Deep muscle relaxation
  • Pain relief Improved mobility
  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Tissue and circulatory Action

New therapeutic treatment head

A technology dedicated to high-precision therapeutic applications

specially designed for Therapeutic applications : fibrosis, oedema, inflammation, pre- and post-liposuction…

  • Independent motorized rollers (LPG Patents)
  • 3 settings for high-precision tissular grabbing (deep or superficial)
  • Control screen and integrated commands for a greater usability
micro buses-tete

Micro-nozzles and micro-heads

For a therapeutic micro-targeted action
(fingers for example)

The TR50, the micro-nozzles and the micro-heads are only available on i version