Pulsar Experience and Session Information

Immerse yourself in a sonic and luminous atmosphere through the Pulsar, a unique treatment of deep relaxation and meditation.

Pulsar is a device that includes a miniature control unit, a pair of goggles that position tiny electroluminescent diodes (LEDs) in front of each eye, and stereo headphones. Through the rhythms it creates, the combined emission of sound a light generates a reaction in the brain that leads to a very relaxed state. At the beginning of the session, the rhythms of the lights and sounds created by the Pulsar match the rhythm of the brain in its waking state. The frequency of these rhythms will gradually become slower to match the rhythms of the brain in a state of meditation. Both hemispheres of the brain integrate this new rhythm by following and imitating the rhythms suggested by the Pulsar to then in turn harmonise and let themselves go.

In the space of 30 minutes this treatment allows the user to reach a meditative state without effort and to access a feeling of pure wellbeing. It’s a well-deserved break, for resting and to regain contact with oneself. Pulsar is also the ideal prelude to Floatation Bath, Massage Therapy or NeuroSpa.

Session’s menu:

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