PSiO : Experience and benefits

Pulsar becomes PSiO. Our Pulsar treatment has been renamed PSiO. Pulsar gift certificats can be used for PSiO session

The PSiO is a unique luminotherapy and relaxation device. This therapeutic treatment helps with“letting go”, rejuvenation and more…
This woman’s narrative about the use of PSiO during her chemotherapy treatments illustrates its
therapeutic benefits as well as its usefulness in reducing side effects.

What is the PSiO?

So-named by its Belgian creators, the PSiO is a high-tech pair of glasses: the lenses display
various patterns of colors synchronized with music. The effect can be calming or stimulating,
depending upon your needs.
Several voice-guided programs use auto-suggestion techniques to assist you in achieving a state
of well-being.


-assists in accessing a state of ‘letting go’
– improves quality of sleep
-helps in the management of seasonal depression and related fatigue

The PSiO experience

Following a brief orientation, a member of our team will invite you to recline in a comfortable
lounge chair. With glasses over your eyes, headphones over your ears and enveloped in a soft
blanket, it is time to let yourself be guided by the magical colors. Stimulated by the rhythmic
pulsation of the lights, your brain will create a virtual kaleidoscope of colorful geometric shapes.
This is paired with music, specially selected to assist the program’s goal. The experience is
completely mesmerizing.
L’Ovarium has two PSiO spaces, each designed to host two visitors at a time. Appointments are
available every 45 minutes starting at 9am, 7 days, 7 evenings.

Programs offered at l’Ovarium;

-Discovery session
-Stress management
-Falling asleep
-Boosting self-confidence
Guided by Lloyd Globerman
-Feeling better: boosting the immune system
-Meditative relaxation
-Recovering hidden talents
-Light and music only session
-Eureka: creativity
Caution: Please inform us if you have a history of epilepsy or seizures. We will adapt the session
to use continuous rather than pulsating lights for your safety.
Why is the PSiO so effective?
The PSiO diverts your attention
The PSiO achieves its benefits by redirecting your attention. The device’s sounds and colors
stimulate the auditory and visual centers thereby diverting attention away from the brain’s
constant chatter and focusing instead on audio-visual perception. In other words, by focusing on
the colorful scenes of the PSiO, the incessant chatter inside your brain subsides.

The PSiO helps you to ‘let go’ with the use of pulsed light

The creators of the PSiO didn’t leave anything to chance. The frequencies of light pulsation were
specifically chosen for their effect on the brain. The result is achieving the much sought-after
state of “letting go”, so difficult to achieve on our own.
As mental rumination demands a great deal of energy, this “letting go” state is very recuperative.

The PSiO promotes a state of mind permeable to suggestion

As the mind ‘lets go’, a state of ‘subconscious listening’ is reached and the brain becomes more
permeable to positive suggestion. Several programs have been created to harness this state.
Stress reduction, sleep and self-confidence programs are offered in French at Ovarium. In
English, we also offer programs related to discovering your hidden talents, stimulating the
immune system and awakening your intuition.

The PSiO compensates for lack-of light exposure

It is well-known that long- term lack of light exposure results in depression and its associated
insomnia. Essentially, the amount of light exposure influences the production of serotonin (a
mood-enhancing hormone) as well as melatonin (a sleep-regulating hormone). Thus, PSiO has
developed programs that are specifically designed to counter these depressive and insomniac
states. The PSiO combines the impact of light stimulation along with the powerful effects of the
specially selected soundtracks.

In Conclusion…

The combined effect of positive suggestion, luminotherapy and mental ‘letting go’ contribute to
the improvement of cognitive function as well as mood. The PSiO can hence be considered an
important ally in your overall well-being.

Acquiring a PSiO

When you purchase a PSiO, you will be given access to over 125 different downloadable
programs. These sessions include subjects such as creativity, new learning, addiction, fear of
flying, fear of dentists, tinnitus, headaches and fibromyalgia.
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