PSiO technology – Light & Relaxation

The PSiO achieves its benefits by redirecting your attention. The device’s sounds and colors stimulate the auditory and visual centers thereby diverting attention away from the brain’s constant chatter and focusing instead on audio-visual perception. In other words, by focusing on the colorful scenes of the PSiO, the incessant chatter inside your brain subsides.

What is the PSiO?

So-named by its Belgian creators, the PSiO is a high-tech pair of glasses: the lenses display various patterns of colors synchronized with music. The effect can be calming or stimulating, depending upon your needs.

Several voice-guided programs use auto-suggestion techniques to assist you in achieving a state of well-being.

The PSiO experience

Following a brief orientation, a member of our team will invite you to recline in a comfortable lounge chair. With glasses over your eyes, headphones over your ears and enveloped in a soft blanket, it is time to let yourself be guided by the magical colors. Stimulated by the rhythmic pulsation of the lights, your brain will create a virtual kaleidoscope of colorful geometric shapes. This is paired with music, specially selected to assist the program’s goal. The experience is completely mesmerizing.

L’Ovarium has two PSiO spaces, each designed to host two visitors at a time. Appointments are available every 45 minutes starting at 10h30 am, 7 days, 7 evenings.

PSiO technology – Light & Relaxation

PSiO technology – Light & Relaxation

30 minutes $32,00($36,79 taxes included)

Under a soft blanket, slip on the PSiO glasses and earbuds, close your eyes, and experience a kaleidoscope of magical colours. This experience quickly stimulates the sensory, auditory, and visual areas of your brain, inviting you to focus your attention to your audiovisual perceptions rather than the incessant flow of your thoughts. Relaxation is guaranteed!

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