Inspiration Package

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Gift certificate for the inspiration package.

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Pulsar (PSIO) (30 minutes) + NeuroSpa (30 minutes) + Floatation-Bath (60 minutes)

2 reviews for Inspiration Package

  1. Michael M
    5 out of 5


    Incredibly relaxing. It’s the next day and I feel amazing – calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated physically and mentally.

    • Vincent Meloche


      Thank you Michael. See you soon for another session!

  2. Teresa Zabarauskas
    4 out of 5


    I loved it. Very relaxing, great atmosphere, kind and caring staff. Brought my daughter who is a nurse there to de-stress together. Wonderful experience.

    • Vincent Meloche


      Hi teresa, Thank you for your review. See you soon !

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Q: Hi there, I am thinking about purchasing the Inspiration package for a Christmas gift. Just wondering how long this package will be on sale for? Thanks, and have a great day! Julia
— Asked on December 9, 2016
A: Hi Julia, the end date of this promotion was not set. All we can say is to hurry up to take advantage of this advantageous holiday promotion!
Q: Hi, I received an Inspiration package and was planning to come by soon. Is it recommended to do all three. I was wondering if people usually use all of this package in one visit? Thank you.
— Asked on December 28, 2016
A: We strongly recommend that you do all the inspiration package services all together. To benefit from the synergy of those relaxation services. But if you dont have time to do so or for another reason you cannot do them all, you are free to do use each separated certificates when you want.
Q: If I want to purchase the Inspiration package but it is 25% off regular price on Tuesdays of psio, Neurospa, and flotation tank, does this apply to the package?
— Asked on November 22, 2018
A: This special price is not available online. It is only offered at Spa Ovarium on regular prices, on tuesdays.

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