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Is your skin’s health a priority? Your skin is unique and deserves a distinct and personalized approach to its care.  For this reason, we have carefully selected products from the Babor line of skincare.  With over 60 years of experience in the industry, Babor has created skincare products that are pure, high-performing and designed to meet the specific needs of various skin types.

Place your trust in our team of highly-skilled and passionate estheticians. You will undergo a complete professional skin analysis with your esthetician prior to receiving a personalised Babor skincare experience.

Healthy Glow Cleanformance Facial / 95$

Cleanformance skin care products are environmentally friendly and contain a minimum of 95% naturally-sourced ingredients.

This facial treatment delivers intense hydration to the skin, visibly reducing irregularities and promoting a healthy, radiant glow. The pre and probiotics in this formulation strengthen the skin’s barrier and help to balance its microbiome ; important steps in obtaining a healthy glow.

This treatment is 100% vegan and has been dermatologically-tested and adapted for all skin types. The products are free of gluten, silicone, parabens, mineral oil, lactose, microplastics, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, phthalates and sulfates.

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Dr Babor Pro Tailored Facial / $115

The Dr Babor Pro facial is a customized cosmeceutical treatment designed to obtain optimal results. This treatment helps to restore health and vitality to the skin through the use of high-performance cosmeceuticals, as well as specialized techniques that help to hydrate the skin and stimulate regeneration.

This facial targets and corrects problem-areas with rapid results.

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Skinovage Purifying Facial / $115

Synergistically formulated with advanced anti-aging ingredients, this treatment combines highly-active serums with specific massage techniques.  Developed to stimulate anti-aging mechanisms and to prevent visible signs of aging.  Ideal for oily and flawed skin-types, the skin is left refreshed and radiant.

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