Discover 5 anti-stress plants to infuse!

Stress and anxiety can cause symptoms such as irritability, fatigue, insomnia and a lack of concentration. To soothe the effects, some remedies based on natural relaxing and soothing ingredients are then effective as anti-stress to help us release the accumulated tensions and find a balance between body and mind.

Here are 5 anti-stress plants with therapeutic properties.

1. Chamomile: If we often find herbal teas made with chamomile on the shelves of our grocery stores, it is because this plant is widely used around the world for its soothing virtues. This medicinal plant has relaxing, slightly sedative and antispasmodic properties. It allows relaxation of the body, promotes digestion, and has antiseptic, analgesic and disinfectant effects that facilitate the expulsion of toxins.

To use it: Infuse a teaspoon of this plant in simmering water for no more than five minutes and drink this infusion a few minutes before going to bed.

2. Lemon balm: Cousin of mint, lemon balm is a medicinal plant that promotes digestion and brings calm and serenity. It has powerful relaxing, antispasmodic and antiviral properties that calm nervous, digestive and cardiac problems.

To use it: infuse dried leaves or fresh leaves for about ten minutes in boiling water.

3. Valerian: This medicinal herb is very effective against mood disorders, anxiety, stress and insomnia. It has calming, antispasmodic and has a mild sedative effect.

To use it: brew a teaspoon of this herb in 1L of water and drink a cup of this tea twice a day preferably at the end of the day.

4. Hawthorn: Because this medicinal plant is rich in tannins, a hawthorn tea will be good for the nerves, for the heart and will show calming effects on the cardio-circulatory system. In order to have conclusive effects, it is recommended to make a cure of hawthorn teas for at least two months.

To use it: infuse a teaspoon of plant in 1L of water.

5. St. John’s wort: A little less known, St. John’s wort is a very gentle medicinal plant and very effective in combating many ailments. When eaten regularly, it is a cure for calm, anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia and seasonal blues. In short, it is a natural antidepressant that promotes the secretion of melatonin, often called “sleep hormone”.

To use it: it is possible to eat St. John’s Wort infusion all day in case of symptoms of anxiety and stress by mixing a teaspoon with a liter of water. It is recommended not to drink more than three cups a day and to consume them preferably without meals.