Fill out this form to send us your reservation request. We will contact you to confirm if the requested time slot is available. We will call you as soon as possible. Be aware that during busy times it can take up to three hours.

Our hours of operation from January 9, 2021 until the end of the curfew will be 8:30 am to 9:00 pm.

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Here are more details on the steps we take so that you can safely relax!

Important – vaccination: you must wait 48 hours after being vaccinated before receiving a massage.

In order to respect the curfew, we have changed our hours of operation. We are open everyday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

When making an appointment, you will need to answer a questionnaire to screen for potential cases of Covid-19 infection. You will be asked the same questions when you arrive at Spa Ovarium.

All of our employees complete this questionnaire daily upon arrival.

Masks are mandatoryWhen you arrive, we will give you a procedure mask.

The only place where the mask isn’t required? In the floating bath.

All our staff welcome you with a mask and smiles in their eyes! When protected behind a Plexiglass divider, employees may remove their face masks as per the CNESST.

During the massage, as physical distancing cannot be respected, our massage therapists wear protective glasses.

Only those sharing an ‘address bubble’ will be permitted to enjoy PSiO and NeuroSpa treatments at the same time.  Those who do not share an address will enjoy the session alone.

The vanities are open, but there will be no cream, styling products, brushes, or blow dryers. We advise you to bring everything you need if you need to style your hair after your treatment.

The cloakroom is closed and sandals will not be available. To help create a pleasant sound environment, we ask you to wear shoes with soft soles that do not make noise!

Herbal teas and pitchers of water are not available. Bring your own water bottle or thermos with your favorite herbal tea! We also sell water bottles.

People at risk:

  • Are you over 70?
  • Do you have an uncontrolled chronic disease (diabetes, heart problems, etc.)?
  • Are you immunosuppressed?
  • Or are you pregnant?

We want to tell you that we are doing everything we can to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but there is no such thing as zero risk. Your condition puts you at greater risk for serious complications from Covid-19?  It’s up to you to choose what weighs the most in the balance, the risk or the benefits of letting us take care of you!


  • Notre boutique en ligne est temporairement fermée, le temps d’une mise à jour. Nous prévoyons sa réouverture d’ici le jeudi 20 mai 2021.

    Entre-temps, si vous voulez acheter un soin, un forfait ou un abonnement, appelez-nous au 514 271-7515, nous vous enverrons votre commande par la poste.

    Un nouveau système de prise de rendez-vous sera en place à partir du 19 mai 2021.

    Pour plus d’information concernant les changements reliés à cette transition, suivez ce lien :