Our customer’s testimonials

“Before leaving for the airport to fly out to a training camp today, I was able to get in my first float tank session. It was a wonderful experience, and something I could see as playing an instrumental role in my physical and mental recovery from my intense training regiment. I want to thank you [Spa Ovarium]. When Daniel St-Hilaire [local coach] mentioned the Ovarium, I was very excited about this possibility because I have an allergy to cold (yes, not great for Montreal winters!), and so I can not use ice or take ice baths like many athletes do to help with inflammation. Also, as an elite athlete and mother, it’s such a gift to be able to “escape” during these spa-like sessions!

We just moved to Montreal and I was happy to discover that the Spa Ovarium is in neighbourhood! I’m looking forward to working towards my 3rd Olympics with Montreal as my home base, and it’s so great to have support like this from my new community.”

Thank you,

I’m a week away from my weeding + the stress was making me ill. One Float Tank later – I’m so relaxed and at peace, I can even notice my writing has changed ! Thank you very much

  • James

My massage made the beginning of 2012 wonderful. My massage therapist was fantastic and made me feel so relaxed that when it was over I forgot where I was for a minute. Thank you so much and I’ll be back soon.

  • Yan

I have traveled forward in time as I floated in my tank. It is now 2025, please keep the water warm for my return. I’m looking forward to brief you on the details of my travels.

  • John

I brought my mother here, and it was a great experience. She never treat herself, so I am very happy that she finally agreed on getting a massage and a float. Thanks for everything

  • Pascale

My psychologist recommended the floatation + massage when I told her I was visiting Montreal. She was correct – it was truly lovely, rejuvenating experience.

  • Sarah

It is an excellent way to lose track of time. Moreover, the more you go, the best you feel. Thank you so much.

  • Marjorie

I came for a visit the day before an important 800 meters swimming competition. This relaxation gave me all the energy I needed for a good performance.

  • Vincent

What a dream it is to be able to float without having to deal with the weight of my own body, and this belly of mine which grows bigger and bigger… This is a special way to pamper myself and to communicate intimately with that small being growing inside of me.

  • Marie-Hélène

The best in relaxation. The massage helps me become aware of every nook and cranny of my body and its important role. “Relaxingly” yours!

  • Marc-André

In our stressful lives what a better way to take a moment in our life to listen to our heartbeat and relax for a change. Thank you to those who contributed to this nice gift. Totally coming back !

  • Maurice

The feeling of sleeping in a flotation tank (similar to a Star Trek sleep pod) is like snorkeling into a shallow deep sea. Initially scary. Lie down ears submerged a soundless void the water so thick (high density Epsom salt bath), you float. Close my eyes. Eventually, become one with the water fluid, shapeless, calm, and at peace. Feel a heart echo through space. It is my own. a shadow. A jellyfish stalker. I’m daydreaming now ? Sensory deprivation has very cool effects…! I love their peach tisane tea, very accommodating. I hear the experience is different for everyone.

  • Linda D on Yelp.ca review site