Mission and Origin

Our Vision 
Total relaxation of mind and body leads to a lasting well-being and inner peace needed for living modern life to the fullest.
Our mission

To sustainably improve the overall health and inner well-being of as many people as possible by applying the abilities of caring professionals and the best advanced technologies.

Our Values
Balance – Generosity – Innovation – Open Mindedness – Professionalism – Quality of Life
Our origins

Bernard Meloche, president and founder of Spa Ovarium, prioritizes meditation and the adventure of awareness. Knowing that meditation is not easily accessible to all, he pursues modern technologies that can help access the benefits of deep relaxation. Convinced that true evolution begins first and foremost with internal change, Bernard Meloche begins a quest that leads him from discoveries to revelations.
Inspired by Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock (1970), which predicted that changes at the root of our lives would be taking place at an ever faster pace, he sets out to find new ways to cope with this inevitable ever-accelerating pace of life, rather than being overcome by it. In 1982, Bernard Meloche discovers floatation baths, a new technique that enables users to quickly reach a state of deep relaxation, while offering a sanctuary conducive to the exploration of the inner self. Convinced of its effectiveness and of the need for others to experience it, he opens the first floatation bath centre in Montréal, the “Centre de Relaxation Intégrale” located on Saint-Denis street close to Sherbrooke.

In order to meet and get to know John C. Lilly, the famous neurophysiologist and inventor of the floatation bath, Bernard Meloche travels to Esalen in California. He’ll have the opportunity to meet him 5 times during the next few years. In September of 1983, Bernard opens a second center with two floatation baths under the name Ovarium at 5370 Parc Avenue, close to St-Viateur street; eighteen years later, in March of 2000, Ovarium moves into its own building at the corner of Beaubien and Saint-Denis streets, where it is today.

The Floatation Bath: an essential discovery

The floatation bath is at the heart of the business and its profound benefits have been a revelation to many. This treatment contributes to the development of self-awareness, in environment conducive to relaxation and wellness. In fact the feeling of weightlessness and isolation offers an experience without equal. So it is that after more than 30 years, Ovarium still believes in the floatation bath experience with the same fervour, convinced that this relaxing and meditative experience brings to human beings a high level of mental and physical wellbeing.

The Contributions of Massage Therapy, PSiO (pulsar) and NeuroSpa

Massage therapy joins the floatation bath very naturally as another service essential to the body’s overall relaxation.  As early as 1984, Spa Ovarium is interested in the different forms of massage therapy and to their specific contributions, considering diverse customer needs.

Then, the Pulsar: a relaxation method that influences the natural rhythms in our brain through sonic and luminous pulsations. As soon as it comes on the market in 1990, it becomes a wonderfully complementary treatment to floatation baths and massage therapy. Ovarium was a pioneer in providing this service since the 90s.

And lastly, a new service offered at the Ovarium since may 2011, the NeuroSpa, marvelously completes the group of services offered. Again Ovarium is at the forefront in offering this revolutionary new treatment. The NeuroSpa provides deep relaxation by acting on the nervous system through audible and physical vibrations.

Rich with over a quarter century of experience, Spa Ovarium is still today the ideal place to relax and revitalize oneself. In the midst of a harmonious and calming decor, emphasizing fine materials, essential oils and the gentleness of flora, Ovarium’s staff will know how to share with you all the passion and experience of its founder.