Recherche scientifique: « Effects of flotation »

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« …the number of comprehensive pain areas significantly lowered after 33 flotation sessions »

>>>Flotation REST & Stress Related Muscle Pain


« Floating is a method that can provide, deep relaxation, pain reduction, and other positive changes in the life situation »

>>>flotation tank therapy study


« Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy, or REST, is a very effective intervention for working with stress related disorders, chronic pain, habit disorders, anxiety disorders, and personal enhancement programs. REST offers the benefits associated with relaxation training, hypnosis, meditation and biofeedback, both in the physiological and the cognitive dimension

The benefits of this experience range from physical to psychological. Floating resets the body’s chemical and metabolic balance, strengthening resistance to the negative impact of stress, illness or injury alleviating the affects of a number of diseases from arthritis, blood pressure problems, to hormonal imbalance. Blood pressure and heart rates drop and oxygen and nutrients are transported to the cells while harmful chemicals are released. Beta-endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers, are released. Olympic athletes, patients with chronic pain or addiction problems, as well as patients with cardiovascular or psychological conditions benefit from floatation tanks. »

>>>Floatation_Tank_Floating offers a therapeutic system …



Ovarium Spa Montréal Massage Bain Flottant Therapeutique

Chère clientèle,

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la venue de notre populaire rabais de fin d’été qui se tiendra du 10 août au 10 septembre 2011.

En plus de la réduction déjà appliquée sur chacun des abonnements Massage, Bains Flottants Thérapeutiques, Pulsar et Lit Neuro-Masseur, nous payons les taxes pour vous !

Cette offre de RABAIS ÉQUIVALENT AUX TAXES s’applique également sur les rendez-vous de groupe de 3 personnes et plus pris sur place ainsi que sur l’achat de 3, 6 ou 10 certificats cadeaux.


Nous vous remercions de votre fidélité et au plaisir de vous accueillir à l’Ovarium de nouveau !

N.B. Prenez note qu’aucun reçu pour fin d’assurance ne peut être émis lorsque vous payez une séance par certificat cadeau. Les certificats cadeaux à imprimer sont non transférables. Cette offre ne peut être jumelée avec une autre promotion en cours.


Dear customers,

It is our pleasure to re-introduce our END OF SUMMER deal from now till September 10th.

In addition to the discount that you normally benefit from when buying a subscription forMassagesFlotation baths, Pulsars and the Neuro Massage Bed we pay the taxes for you!

This discount is also applicable on appointments for groups of 3 or more taken at the Ovarium, as well as on the purchase of 3, 6 or 10 gift certificates for the same service.

*** This offer is also available on line when you purchase 3, 6 or 10 printable gift certificates for the same service***

We thank you for your loyalty and hope to see you again very soon at the Ovarium!

**PLEASE NOTE: No insurance receipts will be given for sessions paid for with gift certificates.

Printable gift certificates can not be transfered to other services.

This offer can not be paired to any other on going offers.